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GTD Prayer

gilest.org: The GTD Prayer

Giles Turnbull has added a long-overdue liturgical element to the world of Getting Things Done.

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BBC: "I want to shoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oot...the whole day down..."

BBC NEWS | UK | 'I don't like Monday 24 January'

A "part-time tutor" in Wales has derived a formula which suggests that today (January 24th) is the empirically most depressing day of the year. Spake the science:

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Feed2Podcast makes audio out of your feed


Technically providing the opposite of what some folks have asked for on 43 Folders (jump to 4:04 or so), Feed2Podcast turns your garden-variety RSS feed into a series of audio files, which can then be subscribed to like a podcast.

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HPDA pix

There's now 350 photos on Flickr with the "hipster pda" tag. See also "clusters" and high level of "interestingness."

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Goodies from The Word Spy

Found a bunch of goodies yesterday on The Word Spy.

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'Where it began / I can't begin to knowin'...'

How did people start singing “Sweet Caroline” at Red Sox games?

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Web 1.0: <BR> Away!

Web 1.0 Summit: My Garage, San Francisco
Originally uploaded by merlinmann.

Web 1.0 is just around the corner, so iron your New Media Blue™ shirt and recharge your ginormous cellphone, because we’re going public, bitch.

  • Yes, this is an actual event
  • Yes, there may very well be one or two beer-fueled presentations from Web People You’ve Heard Of
  • No, the day and location are not finalized (shooting for House of Shields on Wednesday the 5th)
  • Yes, you have to wear whatever name tag I give you
  • Yes, we probably will pass the hat soon to buy us a waitress and a round or two (as with the meetup of yore)
  • Yes, if your company wants to co-sponsor it (along with 43F and the year 1998), it can (coughAppleAPBloggerOdeoSixapartcough).

So. What remains is to nail down the coordinates. I’m going to a big blow-out on Thursday (the 6th), but I wonder if actual Web 2.0 attendees can clue me to any other major evening events on whose toes we mustn’t step. Spill, please.

Post thoughts and ideas here; watch the Upcoming.org page for news on the final happs.

Like I say, let’s try to make this one better-attended than the last one.

Many thanks to our Web 1.0 sponsors

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Adaptive Path
 MyCereal.com-Level Sponsor
Mule Design Studio
Adaptive Path Mule Design Studio
Pets.com-Level Sponsor
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Flooz.com-Level Karass Partners
RebeccaBlood.net, Bar Camp, Laughing Squid, PVRBlog, 5ives

The _Not_-To-Do-List

I suspect Jeffrey’s Not-To-Do list could use a place over most of our desks some days.

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Hipster PDA One?

I so love that Mr. Bush wrote his request for a bathroom break in what appears to be a disassembled Hipster PDA.

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Ye Olde Hipster

Old-timey Hipster PDA.

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An Oblique Strategy:
Honor thy error as a hidden intention


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