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Developing pronoid delusions

Free Will Astrology : Pronoia Therapy

From this fun article on pronoia:

Slowly and inexorably, the muses reconfigured my coyote angel rebel clown persona to serve a new master: PRONOIA. The opposite of paranoia, pronoia is defined as the sneaking suspicion that the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings.

I like this page, filled as it is with encouraging (okay, some are pretty cheesy) tricks for bucking up the serial sad sack in each of us. The tips work to clear the psychic garbage and help you focus on realigning your perceptions—to stop looking always for soul-crushing conspiracies and start noticing how many good things (blessings, if you prefer) are happening around you. Kinda like Chicken Soup for the Jaded Hipster's Soul, I guess.

You gotta love tip number 5 in particular:

  1. Kick your own ass 22 times.

Notwithstanding understandable concerns about abandoning your shopworn conspiracy fantasies in favor of the less road-tested sunshine and kittycats approach, it’s hard not to like the whole notion of “pronoia.” And it surely never hurts to be reminded that the world’s too busy, big, and distracted to organize effectively against any of us. Thank God.

[via Twid]

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Seriously.. for the skeptical and...

Seriously.. for the skeptical and cynical, I suggest you really try it out. It's been responsible for much of my success. It's easy to tag this as hippie or new agey (I've been there) but our thoughts, beliefs, expectations and inspired actions are powerful affectors in our lives.

Brian Tracy talks about "pronoia" and calls it positive expectancy. I'll quote his book:

"This is the most outwardly identifiable quality of a high-performing man or woman"

"Say to yourself in the morning and throughout the day, 'Something wonderful is going to happen to me today'. Just imagine if you went around all day believing that something wonderful was about to happen to you. Think how much more positive, optimistic and cheerful you would be if you were absolutely convinced that everything was conspiring to make you happy and successful.

I can promise you this: If you try this exercise for just three days, at the end of the third day, so many wonderful things will have happened to you that you will be be able to recount them all."

Do it now and surprise yourself!




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