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More cool searches for Sogudi & Quicksilver

As I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of Sogudi, a free Safari add-on that lets you conduct keyword-based web searches right from your location bar. I thought I’d share a few more of the favorites that I’ve picked up (along with the shortcut I assigned and a short description of the resource).

(Note that there’s a similar web search feature in Quicksilver that allows this trick to work across browsers; to make the URLs below into QS-only bookmarks, change the @@@ to *** and bookmark as normal.)

  • RSS Feed of a UPS delivery (ups) - http://www.young-technologies.com/utilities/packagetracking/rsstracking.aspx?Type=UPS&TrackingNumber=@@@
    Jason Young’s brilliant RSS-ifier
  • Local Instiki (ins) - http://localhost:2500/wiki/show/@@@
    If you have a stock Instiki setup running locally on your Mac, this will find or create a page matching the string you searched for.
  • Answers.com (ans) - http://answers.com/main/ntquery?s=@@@
    Great front end to dictionaries, wikipedia and more
  • C2 (c2) - http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?search=@@@
    Best. Wiki. Ever.
  • WHOIS Source (whois) - http://whois.sc/@@@
    Fast way to find if that domain you want is available.
  • ISO Hunt (iso) - http://isohunt.com/torrents.php?ihq=@@@&ext=&op=and
    Good bit torrent searcher (if you like that kind of thing).
  • Mother Nature (health) - http://www.mothernature.com/search/index.cfm?query=@@@&Type=Library
    Exhaustive database of information on the most-reliable natural and herbal treatments for various health conditions.
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Firefox has a really nice...

Firefox has a really nice feature built in. There is a bookmarks folder called Quicksearch where you can find some examples. You can add there whatever search you want (actually you can add your bookmark to any folder, as long as you respect the right structure). For example I added a dictionary search with location http://dict.leo.org/?search=%s and the (simple) keyword "d". From then I only need to type "d word" in the url field and I'll get my word translated from German to English and vice versa. The variable term in the location is %s, and it will be replaced by your search term (for clarity I've omitted other parameters). everything after the keyword is taken as parameter.




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