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43F Google Group: How big is a project?

Google Groups : 43 Folders [How big is a project?]

Good thread on the Google Group about what constitutes a project, especially in terms of the GTD sense of the word (defined in the book as “a desired result that requires more than one action step”).

I also used to find it confusing that there seemed to be an implication that you should only have one “next action” per project, which, gratefully, was completely a misreading on my part; you should have at least one next action per project, but you can and should have as many captured next actions as you know of.

As I read it, the important part is that, if they’re on your TODO list, they need to be the next physical thing you could do to keep things moving—as opposed to stuff that can’t or shouldn’t be done yet for whatever reason (time, dependencies, waiting on other people, etc.). That deeper “back of the envelope” planning should happen in project support materials so that your TODO list is exclusively stuff that’s tee’d up and ready to go.

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Two completely off-topic observations:

  1. I have to admit that I do thoroughly enjoy the occasional (I said occasional, okay?) Talmudic debate about the nature of GTD. It’s fun.
  2. From now, on I hereby approve of referring to Mr. Allen as “The David.” Has a nice ring to it.
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How Big is a Project My...

How Big is a Project

My post to the 43Folders List got called out by Merlin and turned into a nice little thread.  My favorite response was from Bryan Ewbank:


p> "Projects are ugly, projects are complex, and projects are what we do.  We just do them...




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