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Everybody needs a personal "status" page

Lots of sites have status pages. I wish more people had them.

  • My friend, Leslie, used to do an excellent one that included updates on her beverages, hair, and stress level
  • My pal, Jay, posts his monthly expenses and to-dos
  • I manually update a stripped-down status that shows roughly how busy I am

Yeah, status pages for people should be more popular, and I also wish they were a bit easier to make and maintain. It would be a nifty way to display information like:

  • current projects
  • number of unanswered inbox emails
  • iTunes/Last.fm "Now Playing"
  • Netflix queue
  • amount spent this month on lattes
  • current crush
  • current nemesis

I've long had a Lazy Web wish for a little perl script that could cat all the txt files in a directory into a Markdown-styled HTML page (that you could then skin with CSS).

That way you could maintain a bunch of easy lists and the script does all the building and posting automagically. You could fake this with a blogging tool, but I like the idea of having it all updated in the background.

Got a good personal status page? Seen one you liked? What would you post on yours? Have a fast trick for helping noobs make and post status points to the interweb? Care to pick up my Lazy Web gauntlet?

Leon Kilat ::: The Cybercafe Experiments » Putting out's picture

[...] I found this interesting...

[...] I found this interesting post in 43 Folders on the need for a personal status page via a link from Sacha Chua. I think a personal status page would be a great way to inform people you are dealing with on the progress on common projects or tasks assigned to you. I always tell people I’m easier to contact through e-mail or through my blog and that’s true. I always check my mails but I seldom check my phones and most of the time it’s in silent mode and I wouldn’t know whether I received a message. I’m setting up a status page using PBWiki so that people I deal with will know whether I’m doing the tasks I’m supposed to do and they’ll have an indication on how far away I am from completion. My personal status page can be found here. Technorati Tags: asides personal wiki work Related posts in Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments Trying out another web 2.0 personal portalProtopage vs. serverside TiddlyWiki – which works best for you?PCIJ shines through blogDarn ExplorerRolling out my own “Friendster” serviceYou say local government leaders are feudal?Yahoo 360 test runManaging e-mails, one message at a time by Max | posted in Asides Trackback URL | Comment RSS Feed Tag at del.icio.us | Incoming links [...]




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