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Open Thread: How are you using Excel?

Yesterday, I mentioned I'd been talking with someone who's looking at interesting things people are doing with Microsoft Excel. I talked to her again yesterday, and with her official okey-dokey, I'll virtually introduce Tralee Pearce (*waves*), a reporter from Toronto's Globe & Mail whom you might remember from a very swell article about the Hipster PDA.

So, by request -- and to help Tralee with fleshing out her fun-sounding article -- I hope you all will jump in here: What kind of cool, novel, and non-obvious stuff are you doing with Excel? What's the wildest, most obsessive, most nerdy thing you ever saw someone do with our favorite spreadsheet program?

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I lived in a house...

I lived in a house with three male roommates for two years while I was in college. The first year I used Excell to keep track of each bill paid, and who it was paid by, with a little formula to figure each person's total amount paid, total amount owed, and whether or not they were paying or owing each roommate. Twice a semester I would print it out and tape a copy to everyone's door so we could settle up. It worked like a charm until the boys stopped reporting to me which bills they were paying (the "we're all friends here, why police each other like this?" trap. Also known as "OMG the girl roommate has a lower tolerance for clutter and will clean up after us" fallacy). I think I was the only one who was repayed properly that semester, which, of course means I profited!




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