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5 Favorite 43 Folders Podcasts, 2006

43 Folders Podcast

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I'm a far from prolific contributor to the personal podcasting scene, but 2006 brought several episodes of the podcast that people seemed to enjoy and that I'm pleased to have made.

If you're new to 43f's podcast (subscribe for free) or just want to amble down memory lane with me, here's my five favorite episodes from this past year. Unexpurgated, unedited and, as ever, featuring candid depictions and the occasional swear; because sometimes productivity talk is just NSFW.

  1. The Perfect Apostrophe - (MP3)

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    In terms of the amount of feedback I've received, and for my own personal reasons, this confessional commentary on procrastination (and why the godforsaken O'Reilly book never got written) is my hands-down favorite. To this day, I get amazing notes from people about this one.
  2. The Richard Scarry Book of the Future - (MP3)

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    2006 was the year in which I really grokked that knowledge workers aren't issued hats to identify what we each do. Each of us has the opportunity to define our job plus the challenge to manage all career inputs and outputs. Each of us is the untrained traffic cop for our life and career. This was the most downloaded episode of the year (grabbed ~75k times).
  3. It’s just a cup - (MP3)

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    Avoid fractal productivity spirals by learning to see your productivity system no differently than your morning coffee. When a ritual become invisible -- requiring a minimal amount of effort and maintenance to adequately get the job done -- you know you've got something right.
  4. Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen - (MP3 | Enhanced M4A)

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    It was a thrill and a pleasure to hang out with David Allen for a few days, so, at least for me, the mini-podcast series that resulted from our meetings was gravy. That said, over the course of this 90-minute mp3, David had more fresh and useful and telling ideas to share about GTD than I'd heard collectively in the 3 years since I read his book. So grateful that he shared his time so generously.
  5. First-time Sex & the Beauty of 1.0 - (MP3)

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    This episode from September was one of the most popular episodes this year (owing in part, no doubt, to its salacious title). But, I'd like to hope the point won't be missed, because it applies far beyond software and "productizing" -- there's no indignity to not being perfect the first time. Plus, sometimes, seeking simply not to end up crying in an emergency room can make for a surprisingly romantic third date.

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