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Vox Pop: What's your "Mac Whine?"

We've started a new feature over on MacBreak Weekly that I really hope becomes a regular thing: "_Mac Whines_!"

Yeah, sure, I'm an unapologetic Apple fanboy (I, mean duh), but some stuff about my Mac experience makes me crazy. Have you got a beef with your Mac or OS X you want to shout from the shiny counter of the "Genius" Bar? Yeah, me too.

I'll open with:

  • inexplicable iCal "snooze" options (per MBW 30 -- which, incidentally, may also be my favorite MacBreak Weekly to date)
  • near-hangs whenever a mounted network volume is no longer available
  • no way to (temporarily) enable password-free user switching
  • The Finder. The goddamned Finder.

What's your Mac Whine?

Frinkytown's picture

I'm a Windows user, but...

I'm a Windows user, but one who was considering switching for a while. I bought a Mac Pro, on the theory that I could always install Windows on it if I decided not to switch. And I have to say that this thread makes me feel better about my decision not to switch. Mostly what you hear (from pretty much everyone, it seems sometimes) is how great Mac OS X is, and what a piece of crap Windows is. And after getting my Mac Pro, and playing with it for a while, I found myself thinking that it was fine and all, but that I still liked Windows better. And a lot of that was because I was playing around with the Finder, and comparing it to the Explorer in Windows (Windows Explorer, not IE). And Explorer came out pretty well, in my eyes.

I don't want to start a flame-war here, but isn't the Finder/Explorer a big part of the overall experience of an OS? It is for me. And the fact that so many people consider the Finder to be whine-worthy makes me scratch my head. If the Finder is lousy, why use OS X? How can you advocate on behalf of an OS when you don't even like the fundamental front-end application of the OS? Just a thought...




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