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Brian Kim: Teach kids time management

Top 5 Things That Should Be Taught In Every School

I enjoyed reading this list and was especially into number five:

#5: Time Management

Speaking of other skills that can be utilized in any job and career is time management. The majority of students never really learn to value their time and mange it while in school. Procrastination is all too rampant (studying right before class, doing homework and essays the day it’s due, partying the night before the exam). This lack of time management often carries over into adulthood, which becomes a major liability.

Learn to make a to do list. Learn to prioritize. Learn to break things down into 30 minute blocks of time. Learn about actionable items. David Allen’s GTD system is your best friend here along with Dan Kennedy’s No B.S Time Management. Again if you’re unfamiliar with these people, Google is your best friend, but I’m sure the majority of readers will know what I’m talking about.

What would you add to the list of skills you think should be taught in school?

[ via: Anarchaia (3/14/07) ]

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From my own experience, i...

From my own experience, i dearly wish i had been introduced to different methods for time management and budgeting when i was younger. As someone who's quite likely an undiagnosed case of ADHD, i can't recount how many times i've been told by teachers and professors, since the time i was 10, that i'd do wonderfully if i just -applied- myself (as if that was a substitute for explaining how to set yourself up a work space physically and psychologically).

Okay, so i'll grant Trev's point that even if i had been introduced to various ways to help me manage my time as a teen i'm not sure many of them would have sunk in, -however-, once i got to university and realized that i -wanted- to succeed beyond the level of performance i'd scraped out at the last minute, i found that i had no idea how to identify my problems or where to look for solutions, and simply spent the rest of university frustrated that i wasn't able to make greater progress in keeping myself together. It's only been since i graduated that i've been able to find tips and tricks for keeping myself better organized. I'm not all the way there yet, but i definitely think that i'd be better off if i at least had a better idea of what sort of things i could have -done- as opposed to receiving inspirational, but in the end useless messages.




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