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Brian Kim: Teach kids time management

Top 5 Things That Should Be Taught In Every School

I enjoyed reading this list and was especially into number five:

#5: Time Management

Speaking of other skills that can be utilized in any job and career is time management. The majority of students never really learn to value their time and mange it while in school. Procrastination is all too rampant (studying right before class, doing homework and essays the day it’s due, partying the night before the exam). This lack of time management often carries over into adulthood, which becomes a major liability.

Learn to make a to do list. Learn to prioritize. Learn to break things down into 30 minute blocks of time. Learn about actionable items. David Allen’s GTD system is your best friend here along with Dan Kennedy’s No B.S Time Management. Again if you’re unfamiliar with these people, Google is your best friend, but I’m sure the majority of readers will know what I’m talking about.

What would you add to the list of skills you think should be taught in school?

[ via: Anarchaia (3/14/07) ]

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WOW! Lots of replies! I...

WOW! Lots of replies!

I really did have this idea before I read Trev's first post....

Learn to be quick to listen, and slow to speak.

I don't mean to talk slowly. That would be impossible for some. [Merlin?] But I find the more time I take to respond the more reasoned and appropriate it is. Sure in some situations we must reply immediately but often we have more time than we take and wish we could take back our words.

I'm finding this more true with raising my teenagers. They are asking quick questions that require more time than I often take to consider the answer I should give. Once they hear "Sure, that will be fine.." I can't go back. I'm saying, "let me think on that.." a lot more now.

Re. Trev's comments, I must say that even though some kids might not grasp hold of some of the concepts we would like them to learn, we are not relieved of our duty to impart as many life lessons as we can to train them for life. My kids won't be carrying hPDAs or GTD flowcharts any time soon. But every time they forget an assignment or a work schedule I will encourage them to get back to their todo list.

I also agree that it is the parents responsibility. But then I think ALL education is parent's responsibility. We've just sublet the core subjects out to the schools. Unfortunately many think the schools can give a complete education. Not Possible!




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