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How Long Is It a Project?

OK, this might sound stupid, but that's why I'm here, right?

It's probably easiest to explain what I mean with an example.

I redesigned a website for my church. The Project was to finish the redesign. That's done. Now, I am mostly responsible for keeping content updated and such until I can have a training session with the staff for the CMS after a big conference we are hosting the first week of August. So, the question is this: Is "Church Website" still a project? If not, do I just stick my NA's on context cards (hPDA, baby!)?

I am in a similar situation with a site I finished for a client a while back. I still do periodic maintenance, and they just asked me to do some design adjustments as well. Is this still the same project? Is it a new project? Somewhere in between?

I realize I could just keep adding stuff to those project cards, but it seems to defeat the purpose really of having a specific goal in mind. Why bother with a project list at all if it's just going to go on ad nauseum infinitum?


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Thanks, Paul and Daniel. Those...

Thanks, Paul and Daniel. Those are helpful comments. I guess I sort of always thought of doing GTD with only Projects and NA's, but this makes me see there is another kind of thing that I'm not sure what to call. I would call it something like "Routine" but that doesn't quite get at it either. Thanks for the suggestion to put these kinds of tasks on my computer. It seems like it will need to be done via all-day events in iCal, since iCal doesn't do recurring tasks yet.

Actually, it seems like the Covey system can fill a gap here. It seems what we are talking about are spheres of responsibility. I realized today that that is the best way for me to do my weekly review. (Today was my first complete weekly review since I started doing GTD quite a while ago. It feels nice.) I really only have four spheres of responsibility within which everything else falls: web design, school, work, and home. Of course, I have different contexts that span these, but thinking about those different spheres of my life makes thinking about all my open loops so much easier!




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