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Melding LoFi and HiTech

I'm facing a dilema.

I've "been meaning to" start GTD for several weeks now. I've managed to implement pieces, which I consider a good start. Now I'm stuck and feel like I can only spend so much time looking for ideas/perfect setup/other ways to procrastinate on the Internet/etc.

Successes: Personal inbox has less than 10 emails (down from 50+) and work inbox also has less than 10, down from 70+. And I've maintained those two things for almost 3 weeks.

I'm drawn to paper -- jotting notes on a sheet of paper is SO much quicker than switching programs. Even when you figure in that I type faster than I write, I find that I keep going back to paper.

But I want the ease of tech -- for having a larger amount of information always available. If I carried around an address book and journal and even a HPDA with the information, I'd need a suitcase.

I hate carrying a purse and will get by with a little card wallet for my drivers license any time I have pockets.

Which leads me to the focused part of this question:

Have any of you used one the Timex USB watches or the Casio Databank watches for carrying around all those extra bits of information that you might need, like the password to the 43folders board when you are stuck waiting on campus....

The closest solution I can come up with is storing that type of information in a readily accessible web location -- some conglomeration of online calendar and phone book and a space for those other things I want to remember.

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

shidobu's picture

my solution to this actually...

my solution to this actually ended up being a little more robust than what you seem to be looking for, but you may like it:

Both Firefox and Thunderbird, as well as OpenOffice have portable versions designed for USB Thumbdrives. I shelled out for a 1Gig drive, and dropped all of these onto it, in addition to a few other apps I use a lot and my "mission critical" files. [most of the apps I use can be found at http://portableapps.com/]

This set up lets me plug into any computer with a USB drive, and function largely as though I were on my home computer. All my settings for commonly used programs are maintained, all my files remain intact and available.

Of course, this assumes you can access a Computer to take over. I'm not sure how you use the addresses or what have you that you would keep in a Databank watch or the ilk, but for my purposes, the aformentioned thumbdrive along with the directory in my cellphone covers just about any time I would need to access the kind of information you're talking about [if I'm sending e-mails, I'm at a computer, and if I'm making a call, odds are it's from my cellphone]

Hope this helps.




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