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A REAL address book

One thing in my "system" I am constantly changing is my addressbook as I am never really satisfied with what it gives. In the end I should just settle with one and get the info organzized into it but I have yet to find one which gives me all of what I want or at least a part of it first.

To take some typical things that make me look into my addressbook looking for information is the following :

* What number does Mr Soandso have? *duh*
* Who do I know that works at Company Inc?
* What do I know about Mr Soandso? Married? Childrens? Birthday?
* What is Mr Soandso's second phone number? (He has bout 5)
* What is Ms Soandso's ICQ number?
* What is the relation between Mr and Ms Soandso? Married? Parent/Child?

So I want to have quite a lot of information in there but still haven't find and software that gives me something of the above. Something that is a bit interesting is :


But still that is just a XML specification so it leaves a bit to wish for... any other ideas what I can use?


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On OS X, Address Book...

On OS X, Address Book will do most of these. The last point is where I would like to see some advancements made in address book software in general. For instance, I have a record for my friend Michael and one for his wife Andrea because they have separate mobile numbers. When I enter the spouse name for one (or better yet, select it from my address book), it should populate the same in the other. So, when I choose Andrea for Michael's spouse, Andrea's spouse field should automatically fill in. It should also recognize duplicate addresses for different people, and depending on what kind of address it is (Home or Work) it should know to ask for the relationship between the two people. So, if I enter the address for Andrea and Michael both without naming one as the spouse of the other, it should be smart enough to recognize that and ask me if there is a special relationship between the two or if they are just roommates or some such.

Also, there should be a way to associate folks with a place of business. As it stands now, I have to enter my work number for all of my colleagues. (We use the same phone line.) Then, when I make or receive a call, Address Book can only call the number the work number of the first person alphabetically who has said number. To make matters worse, if that first person leaves the job and I don't update it right away, Address Book indicates that I called that person at work, even though they don't work there anymore. It should recognize this repetition and if there is a business listing associated, it should use that rather than the individual's information.

This issue of relating content is relatively new, so a lot of software companies simply haven't either ascertained the demands (doubtful) or figured out how to do it intelligently. My $.02.




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