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A REAL address book

One thing in my "system" I am constantly changing is my addressbook as I am never really satisfied with what it gives. In the end I should just settle with one and get the info organzized into it but I have yet to find one which gives me all of what I want or at least a part of it first.

To take some typical things that make me look into my addressbook looking for information is the following :

* What number does Mr Soandso have? *duh*
* Who do I know that works at Company Inc?
* What do I know about Mr Soandso? Married? Childrens? Birthday?
* What is Mr Soandso's second phone number? (He has bout 5)
* What is Ms Soandso's ICQ number?
* What is the relation between Mr and Ms Soandso? Married? Parent/Child?

So I want to have quite a lot of information in there but still haven't find and software that gives me something of the above. Something that is a bit interesting is :


But still that is just a XML specification so it leaves a bit to wish for... any other ideas what I can use?


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Edited: Because I don't know...

Edited: Because I don't know how to use to/two/too.

It would totally work! I have two addres book records. In the first one, I tell it that the second one is the first one's spouse. That is enough information to put the first and last names of the first person into the spouse field of the second person. It would be ideal if it would also link to that person's address book record. One step beyond that would be the option to create an address book entry for the spouse if none was found.

This same principle could apply to the other "relationship" field labels too. If I tell Address Book that Michael is John's friend, shouldn't it also be able to input John as Michael's friend on Michael's address card? Adult/child relationship gets a little tough because of the gender specific nature of our vocabulary for adult relatives - mother/father, aunt/uncle, and niece/nephew for that matter. There is a Parent and Child label, so that gets rid of the gender specificity there, but niece/nephew, aunt/uncle remains.

And, if two people are noted as spouses and I have the Anniversary entered for one, it should be able to add the anniversary to the spouse's card as well.




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