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ISO mouseless 'quick jot-and-save' tool for Mac OS X

Hi. I work at a computer all day (Mac OS X), and frequently it happens that some idea pops in my head while I'm right in the middle of working on something else...

I don't know about you, but I find managing my focus and my attention far more difficult than managing my time. If I take the time to pick up pen and paper and write down the idea, or to cmd-tab to my mail program and open a mail window to write myself an email, etc., I run a great risk of wrecking my precious and extremely fragile attention. Getting back to where I was in my original work flow may take me many times longer than it took to collect the stray idea. (It really sucks, I know, but that's what I have to deal with.)

Therefore, I'm looking for a tool that will enable to quickly jot down the idea and file it away at a consistent location for later processing, preferably somewhere accessible to Spotlight, and all this without having to move my hands away from the keyboard at all. Mouseless operation is a non-negotiable requirement here! The goal is to interrupt as little as possible my focus on the task at hand while I collect the stray idea.

Is there anything out there for the Mac?



P.S. I imagine that some people will recommend something using Quicksilver, which is everyone's darling these days... I find Quicksilver way too inscrutable and too poorly documented to qualify as a reliable everyday tool in my book. (Also I'm not yet convinced that it is completely safe and secure, but I digress.) Nevertheless, if Quicksilver is in fact the best tool for this quick, on-the-fly jot-and-save task, I would be eternally grateful if you could be very explicit and detailed in your post!

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Notational Velocity

Another possible choice, if you do not want to drink the Quicksilver koolaid (although, it does taste sooooo good) is Notational Velocity. It is designed to have no interface at all and have all functions driven by the keyboard. Searching and entering notes is a breeze because it is all done in the exact same way. Truly ingenious little application.

I used to use it all the time until a man offered me the Quicksilver koolaid and handed me a Yojimbo bible. Now I am healed and productivity is my personal lord and savior. NV is a good non-canonical gospel though.




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