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Dansays: Put all your customer service numbers into Address Book

This morning, like a lot of other people, I was locked out of using my PayPal debit card while the site (and apparently its glass-jawed transaction processing network) took a total dirtnap. So it goes. That’s only indirectly the point of this post (although I did kind of feel like opening a “Can of Cory” on The Pal).

Point is, my pal dansays left a great comment on my whiny Flickr post laying out why he's put all the customer service numbers of products and sites he uses right into his Apple Address Book. Great advice that I'll be taking this weekend:

  1. The number syncs to my iPhone, so it's handy when I need it.
  2. I have a record of the number, should the website decide to, ahem, "streamline" their customer service department by removing all traces of their phone number from their website and forcing all communications through email. This happened to me just last week.
  3. I have a central place to keep all notes related to customer service conversations. Whenever resolving disputes, I switch into hyper-documentation mode. Who I talked with, when I talked with them, and what they promised me.

Smart fella, that Dan. 1 and 2 may seem obvious, but 3 is super-clever. If you've ever had to throw down with a dopey company, you know the importance of the paper trail. I really like the idea of having that with me on my Mac and on my iPhone.

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Yay Address Book + iPhone

I'm proud to say I've been doing this since I got my iPhone. My bank, doctor, dentist, auto insurance, roadside assistance, and others are all in there. A few tips:

  • I have to call one number to discuss my checking and savings accounts with my bank, and another number to talk credit card. You can enter more than one number for each company, and you can customize their labels ("credit card" rather than "work" or "home", for instance).
  • If the business in question is local (e.g. doctor) add the physical address also. It'll make googlemapping easier.
  • Some (smaller) businesses' websites will have odd or rather long URLs. Rather than putting them in your bookmarks (or in addition to it) add them to their entries in Address Book.
  • I also created a Smart Group called "Biz" with the rule being, Company is set, Name is not set. This gives me a quicker way to access those "impersonal" companies.
  • This is relatively unrelated, but consider adding the Poison Control Center to your contacts (1-800-222-1222)



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