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Laptops: A blessing or a curse?

When I got my first laptop, I loved the exhilarating freedom of whipping it out anytime I "needed" it. No matter where I am, I could work on a project, balance a budget, or play a video game. Years later, despite its "convenience", I'm dangerously married to my laptop.

It's with me virtually everywhere. On the bus, at work, at home, in bed. And yes, it even goes with me to the toilet--the perfect time for multi-tasking, right? According to my estimate, I spend twice as much time looking at an LCD screen than high-definition reality.

My laptop, supposedly handy, is now just an easy excuse to work (or procrastinate) at any time, all the time. I need help, and it's time for an intervention.

Do you have an unhealthy marriage with your laptop? Have you switched back to desktops? How have you coped? Please share.

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My conundrum...

I've been forcing myself away from the laptop - and with a lot of the work I do, I like having a few terabytes at my fingertips and multiple upon multiple processors. If I don't have the terabytes, in general, the iPhone does everything else I need or can do.

However, here's a question for a question - my problem is is that I feel sometimes to be the most creative I need a change of place - I focus best with distraction - however, that means re-wedding a laptop, which certain people in this house are staunchly against because it's a deadly rathole.

I remember that I would miss cute girls at coffeeshops, giant red dogs driving down the street (I am not making this up), fires down the street and other of life's beautiful miscellany.

So, to get rid of the laptop - how to keep the creative, productive juices going? How to make it so that one's workspace "feels" motivating and creative, when sometimes you have to work with what you have as far as space?




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