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iPhone Apps I'd Totally Buy

Detail from conext-specific location controls in OmniFocus for iPhoneAs I wrote yesterday, I'm loving the new iPhone apps on the iTunes store. Also, as we mentioned on MacBreak Weekly yesterday, it seems likely that we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of what people will do with that SDK.

But it got me thinking about the stuff I want -- the itches I want to scratch. So, iPhone developer friends. Please make these three apps.

Prime This

Elevator pitch: Scan barcode to instantly order an item via Amazon

Out and about and see something you want to buy? Maybe a book, CD, or DVD that you want, but don't want to buy/carry/pack right now? No problem.

Take a photo of the item's barcode, hit one button, and the item is instantly ordered through Amazon 1-Click using your default credit card and shipping preferences. Done.

Yeah, I know; I know. You want price comparisons, and wish lists, and an API for tagging and "mashups." Well, suck it up; you're not who this is for. This is for hardcore, mainlining Amazon Prime power users. That's why it has exactly one button: "Prime This."

Suggested price: Free (developer will make a killing on affiliate money)


Elevator pitch: Location-aware parking reminder

Open the app, hit a button, and your location is noted and added to a map. Optionally add an alarm (for the parking meter or street cleaning), notes and photos ("3rd level; Area G"), and other pertinent data ("Closes at 1am; after hours number is....").

When you're ready to go to your car, the app reminds you where you parked (with a walking map), and off you go.

Suggested price: $5

That Reminds Me

Elevator pitch: Lightweight, location-aware alarm app

Tell TRM the really mushy kinds of things that fall somewhere between a todo and a wish and a curiosity.

  • buy a lottery ticket on my birthday
  • pick up a crazy notebook next time I'm in Chinatown
  • grab a takeout menu next time I'm at Andy's

Using functionality similar to OmniFocus's flexible, location-aware contexts, add new items to your list with optional alarms and start/end dates. Then forget about it.

Next time you're geographically near where you need to be, you get a reminder and a map to get you there.

Suggested price: $5

The Question to You

What’s the iPhone app you crave? What would take great advantage of Location Services, the camera, SDK features, or what have you? What itch do you want to have scratched?

mgd's picture

My List

SSH - I expect someone will do this shortly. If this phone is running OS X, it is there somewhere to begin with. I want a nice app for this, not a jailbroken command line.

SlingPlayer - Watch my slingbox on my iPhone

Qik - Live video streaming

Traffic Ping - Three buttons to designate current road conditions that gets transmitted over 3G and can be inserted as a layer over Google Maps. Similar to what the dash is doing now, but with one time snapshots.

iTether - Use my iPhone 3G to get a tethered data connection to my laptop.

iLowJack - This would require background services running, but once a day (or every 48 hours or user designated time) prompts me a for a pin. Don't get the pin right, it transmit the current location to me via email. Might also have an option for a remote wipe of the phone to get rid of personal data. Application checks into a web site every X hours and if "wipe = true" wipes the phone. Obviously, only I should be able to set wipe=true.

iAlert - Location aware program that checks for Alerts in your X mile range. Tornado warnings, severe weather, AMBER alerts, terrorism alerts, traffic warnings, etc. When it notices you are in a new location, it could ask how long you will be there (e.g. I am in Texas for 3 days) and offer an option to push new alerts for that region via SMS for the duration of your trip.

Could also display local news stories by running location aware queries against Google News and returning the results in a nicely formatted RSS feed.

iTag - location aware tag/mock assassination game. Get a dossier of folks in your area and a target to eliminate for adhoc RW role-playing gaming. Modeled after games that are run now without the iPhone nexus. Could also be called iStock.

iScavange - User generated or sponsored scavenger hunts using clues and location aware services.

iQ - Braintraining games.




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