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More Quicksilver Power Tips

As long as we’re on a run with Quicksilver tips, here are a few of the ways that I use Quicksilver that include pieces of the program that many folks aren’t familiar with yet.

Note that these are intermediate to advanced tips, so, again as ever, please look over the documentation (such as it is) and my setup guide—make sure you're using the latest version, read up on Quicksilver, load up on plugins (available via “Preferences > Plugins” in the Tiger version), and make sure you’re running in beta mode before asking for help.

  • The Shelf - I use the shelf to store trivial items that I reuse and paste a lot. Like chunks of text, my library card number, a paragraph of lorem ipsum text, etc. I’ve also added a keyboard trigger for “Shelf -> Show Contents” at “CTRL-OPTION-CMD-Space”; this pops up the QS pane and flies-out all the contents of the Shelf for easy grabbing. And it’s searchable!
  • The Clipboard - This is a huge one for me. In “Preferences > Clipboard,” I’ve set the Capture History to 250 items. That means I have searchable access to the last day or three of things I’ve copied in any application. Once you start using this, you’ll never go back. The trigger I’ve added for “Clipboard -> Show Contents” is “SHIFT-OPTION-CMD-Space”
  • Secure Passwords - With the Keychain module installed, your keychain is securely accessible via QS’s “Keychain Access” (type it, then Right-Arrow in to it for all your keychains). I’ve created a number of triggers for the “hamburger helper” passwords I use on the web, in particular. Try drilling down to a specific keychain item, then TAB to the second pane and type “Copy Password,” or “Get Password.” Authenticate, and you’re done. Big timesaver.
  • Hot! FTP Upload - One of the most powerful tools in QS is thanks to the wonderful Transmit 3.0, where your FTP “Favorites” are now accessible via the QS interface. This is useful in any number of ways (but of course requires the Transmit plugin, so go grab it if you need it). The short version is that files in the local folder associated with a remote site in your Favorites can just be dropped on Transmit to upload (thanks to “DockSend”). You can also grab the currently selected files from the Finder (Invoke QS and hit “CMD-G”), TAB to the second pane, type “Upload to Site” and then TAB to select which of your Favorites it should go to. Another big timesaver if you spend much time making web stuff.
  • Arrow-in to apps - Covered this one before, but it bears repeating. For awesome functional Easter Eggs, experiment with selecting a few different apps in QS and hitting the “Right Arrow” (Ooo..look at that!) My faves for this:
    • iTunes - Playlists, artists, etc.
    • Safari - Bookmarks!
    • iPhoto - Albums, etc.
    • Transmit - Your FTP favorites (PLUS arrow again for any remote directories associated with each favorite)
    • OmniOutliner - recent documents
  • Hot! Add to your TODO list - Let’s say you have a filed called “TODO.txt” that you add to throughout the day. In QS’s preferences, go to “Preferences > Triggers” and click “+” to make a new trigger. In the interface, type until you find your TODO.txt doc (important: it must end with “.txt”), then TAB to the second pane and type “Append To”. DO NOT TAB to the third pane; just hit Save. Now assign the new trigger a key command over on the right, and you’ve got “one-click” access to add items to your TODO list.
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@charles: Do you have the...

@charles: Do you have the "Clipboard Module" plug-in installed?




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