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Calling all Terminal nerds

CLI nerds and UNIX ex-pats, I have a humble but profound request: help us GUI laggards learn more about getting started in the OS X Terminal. We all secretly know that’s where all your good junk is hidden, but it can be pretty daunting to the uninitiated user.

I propose that when you command-line wizards happen upon a web resource that might be useful to someone new to the Terminal, you should post it to del.icio.us with the tag “OSXCLI” (I’m pronouncing it “AHSS-klee”). And please do comment in your link: why is this good and who will it benefit? Here’s the RSS feed for the rest of us.

Alternately, you can post a link in comments here, but I think the collaborative, RSS-able option, as ever, is more fun, don’t you? Now get linking, beard guy.

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Well - there isn't one...

Well - there isn't one exact thing for which the terminal is the killer app, I think. I use it for editing text files - with emacs - searching for files using find(1), checking for strings in files using grep(1), compiling software, running non-graphical software and all sorts of other stuff. All of these things you can do without Term.app, but since I've been using the Unix command line for the past nearly 18 years at this stage it's very much second nature to prefer it :-)

Actually, there are two big reasons to use the shell (which is what is hosted by Terminal.app): 1) scripting - I've got dozens of little functions that help speed up my day, for instance copy and convert java files to postscript and display the result, then print them; 2) the Unix pipeline feature - this is a way to chain multiple commands together by pumping the output of one to the input of the next




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