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How are you using GTDTiddlyWiki?

GTDTiddlyWiki - all your tasks are belong to you

I’m really intrigued by GTDTiddlyWiki, which is a clever wiki for implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done system. It’s fun to use and a bit of a technical marvel (tip: shutting off animations under “Options” greatly sped things up for me).

Since I’m in one of my periodic “No new tools!” modes, I’m really just playing with it right now, albeit enjoyably. But, from the popularity of the site, I gather that a lot of you are using GTDTiddlyWiki to implement your Getting Things Done system. I’m curious to hear how it’s going for you. Specifically:

  • What about GTDTiddlyWiki is working better for you than your previous system?
  • How has using GTDTiddlyWiki changed your thinking about data capture and action management?
  • Have you run into any problems using the app—not bugs so much as your own behavioral tics? How have you solved them?
  • Any features you’d love to see in the app?
  • Anyone using the app to print Hipster PDA cards?
  • Got a cool GTDTiddlyWiki trick to share?


(Also: lively thread on the Google Group)

edit 2005-05-12 09:21:26 : Memo to self. Count number of unnecessary adverbs in anything written before 6:00 am. Remove many before posting.

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I'm really enjoying the GTD...

I'm really enjoying the GTD TiddlyWiki. I have been looking for a system for a while, I tried Backpack but couldn't see paying for more pages when I knew that, somewhere out there, there had to be a wiki I would like without having to tweak it into submission and without a steep learning curve. So when I saw GTDTW on lifehacker.com, I decided to play with it.

I'm kinda digging the single local file thing for some purposes. I have one file for GTD stuff -- project notes, shopping lists, to-do list, etc. Since 90% of my work is done at one desk, this works for me. I do want to take a look at the PHP implementation -- thanks Rob! -- but so far, local is fine.

I'm also using a TiddlyWiki as a way to organize all my information for a study program I'm taking -- all my essays, resources, study questions, book reports, unfinished assignments, next steps, etc. Several people have turned in wiki versions of their "final journal" in this course, and I understand why -- it's one of the only ways to keep the massive amount of small assignments in any sort of practical, organized system. I feel like I could actually use my notes and assignments as reference material this way.

In a perfect world, I would be able to link to files on my hard drive and not just folders. But like I said, I'm still playing with it. I may also need to write an autosave routine -- I accidentally wiped four hours of work in my study program when I browsed away from the window without saving. Added another sticky note to monitor: SAVE YOUR WORK, GENIUS.




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