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PigPog PDA: A simplified Moleskine GTD system

PigPogPDA - PigPog Creativity Wiki [Introduction]

Michael Randall lays out a paper GTD-based system that should appeal to a lot of folks here.

What Is It?

  • A Moleskine hack.
  • An extreme Moleskine hack.
  • A simplified GTD system (What system? See our GTD Introduction), with relatively little actual organising. May be useful if you fancy Doing GTD Without Doing GTD.
  • A complete personal management system for those who’s needs aren’t too complicated.
  • A rather over-the-top system for dealing with just the capturing and processing end of GTD.


I was finding GTD a bit much for various reasons, but didn’t want to stop entirely - I needed to be Doing GTD Without Doing GTD. This is the system I came up with in the end. It’s simpler than GTD, and wouldn’t scale to the sort of level that GTD will, but it works pretty well for me, so it seems reasonable to think it might work well for other people too.

Read on for details of a clever system for turning a Moleskine Reporter into a kind of über-notebook, in which capture, processing, and related work are handled using sticky-note flags and some light templating.

Again, it’s great to see folks adapting the most useful aspects of systems like GTD to their needs. I especially like how Michael’s moved beyond the canonical implementation drill to stripping the actual system down to just the concepts that work best for him— then applying them in the medium he’s most comfortable using: in this case paper. Nice hack, man, and well documented.

[Thanks, Michael]

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Sam's picture

As the GTD luddite half...

As the GTD luddite half of the PigPog partnership, I thought I'd chime in with my 10 pence worth on the PigPogPDA.

I didn't get on with GTD, I tried but I found I'd need a system to manage my system to manage my system, and any attempt to "do" GTD failed not long past collection stage. It was just too much remembering how things should be categorised and listed.

I normally don't have much to do with the productivity side of our site - I do the arty bit and the badly drawn comics - but when Michael asked me to proof read the PigPog PDA I decided to give it a try. And it works as a simple way of keeping track of your thoughts and tasks.

Mind like water? Not quite. More like 'mind like a nice cup of tea'. Mmm, tea... time to get the kettle on. :)




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