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What would you ask David Allen?

Forums - Ask David any question

Over on the DavidCo forum, Lisa asks:

If you could ask David Allen any one question about GTD, what would it be?

It mightn't surprise you to know I'd want to learn a bit more implementation and about how David sees contexts working best for people whose work mostly happens in one place (recently).

But I'm especially curious to hear what you guys would ask, given the chance. What would you ask David Allen about Getting Things Done?

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Hi All, These are all great...

Hi All, These are all great questions. I have a couple to add...

1) I would like to know where he bought his filing cabinets. I went to his seminar and he showed pictures of his workspace. He had this great modern looking two drawer, wide filing cabinets. Sort of a raw-wood looking workspace. Were these custom made? They looked great and would work well in my office space. 2) I have found on the davidco forum many tools for motivation that GTDers use. I would love to ask him to put these and his own into a pamphlet for sale on his website in PDF format. These tools include answers to questions like: How to get motivated on a project? How to tap into your own creativity and passion for a seemingly "boring" project? Suggestions from the list include spend 5 minutes brainstorming with a mindmap, then give yourself 1 day to make a decision... etc. etc. There were some better suggestions and I can't remember them now. I think I need to go back and re-read the forums and make my own list. 3) How do I add "fun" to my weekly review? I feel good every time I work through my weekly review but it's never as fun as the first time I did a complete sweep. I'm looking for that rush again from the first time I started the system.





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