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Open Thread: The '43 Folders' of money management sites?

Funny thing -- in the last week or so, I've gotten email from three different people asking me which site I'd consider to be the '43 Folders' of money management.

By this, I think they mean they're looking for some kind of framework and tips for understanding the role money plays in their life, and then trying to find the best and most practical ways to implement and maintain healthy financial change. As against fancy "wealth management," I'm thinking more along the lines of "what tricks will help me get smarter about the day-to-day dollar leakage?" Money Hacks, if you prefer.

The short answer, unfortunately, is I have absolutely no idea.

Lifehacker does lots of coverage of financial stuff, and I've enjoyed reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich and Get Rich Slowly. I think Frugal For Life is pretty close in terms of hack-i-ness (which I mean as a compliment, of course.)

But, you tell me. What are your favorite sites about managing your money? Any places out there you think might especially appeal to 43 Folders readers? Feel free to toss in your favorite books on the matter, too.

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It's not exactly a web...

It's not exactly a web site recommendation, but there is a terrific personal finance program(me) on the BBC called Spendaholics. It's a makeover show, sort of in the style of What Not to Wear (which, for you Americans, was also originated by the geniuses at the BBC), but instead of making over someone's clothing style, someone's financial life is given an overhaul. Two experts, one a psychologist and one a 'lifestyle expert' take someone who is in deep dept and generally in a mess financially and tackles their problems to curb their spending, help them reduce debt, and refocus their lives. The focus is on young, single people who are in typical young single people jams (big credit card debts, living off their parents, spending way beyond their means, no budgeting skills, etc.)

A lot of the ideas would appeal to GTD-type people. They put a lot of emphasis on digging into (and resolving) the underlying reasons for overspending, defining goals, etc. The web site gives a general idea of what it's about (http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/tv/spendaholics).

I know the BBC spreads its programming all over the world in some format so I hope it makes it out there, or maybe the programming will be licensed and taken up by a U.S. company as many BBC shows have (What Not to Wear, Changing Rooms (Trading Spaces), Cash in the Attic, etc).




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