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Vox Pop: What's your pick for Steve's big reveal?

Of all the speculation and Steve-watching over the past few weeks, the recent chatter about an Apple "nano-computer" may be the most interesting and thought-provoking of the bunch.

Bob Snow writes:

I think Apple will introduce a nano-computer, masquerading as a smart-phone . Basically a tablet computer the size of a Treo or Blackberry with a far more clever input method, full face screen and some version of iLife running on it. Ideally it would be a stand alone wireless nano-computer running OS X. Think of all the capabilities of a MacBook combined with a phone...

Current technology would of course make this computer a brick, much larger than a Zune and more expensive than a MacBook. The Apple genius-phone will have to point the way to such a device with a mobile version of OS X and iLife. Much of your data and the programs that manipulate it might be located on the internet. Strip down the memory. Even sync it with your computer rather than replace your computer. Whatever it takes to put a placeholder out there to position Apple for the coming revolution. It might take a serious partnership with Google to pull this off. Phone service providers be damned.

And here I was conservatively predicting/begging-for (@00:51:04) a 12” MacBook Pro by next year. Always thinking too small big. Now I want me the notional MacBook Nano.

So, what's your guess? What will Steve's E-ticket ride be at Macworld this year?

Cameron mulder's picture

We will see an iphone,...

We will see an iphone, which i will bet will be called Mac-Moblie, it will have the striped down version of OS X, and integrate seamlessly with your mac. Will work with a windows PC also, but only with iTunes. So if you really want one, you need a mac also.

The laptop line will see integrated GPS, mostly likely just in the pro line.

iTV will be finalized. Called MacTV.

The Real Video iPod will be released.

Movies from FOX studios will be put on iTunes, along with the Beatles (with special limited edition beatles ipod). Might see another studio also

Panther will be talked about, and it will be VISTA 2.0

.Mac will be upgraded, most likely with the help of google, also might be FREE (maybe with some ad support of some type, think gmail like)

Something to do with the gaming world will be hinted at, but not talked about directly.

As you can see, this will be huge. Here is why

the Mac-Moblie will be so good, everyone with a mac will want one (millions of people).

The MacTV will be good enough that most people with a mac will want one (millions more)

Panther is pretty amazing upgrade, pretty much everyone with a mac will want it (millions more)

new iPod will be just as popular as the old one. (even more money, since everyone is a brand new shiny ipod will want to upgrade right away)

Lots more content on iTunes.

This really should be one hell of a year for Apple. I think it will be mostly focused on consumer goods like the Mac-Mobile, iPod, and MacTV. 2008 will be the serious upgrade year for the computer line up.




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