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Open Thread: the iPhone, Apple TV, Steve's other announcements?

Apple - QuickTime - Macworld 2007 Keynote

Apple - iPhone

Wow. Everyone here in the MacBreak war room is still perspiring as we let it all sink in. OS X. On your phone. Damn.

So what do you guys think about Steve's announcements? What surprised you? What else do you wish you'd heard? What do you think it will mean to have running OS X on your mobile phone?

Simon Wilson's picture

Guys, the iPhone is lovely...

Guys, the iPhone is lovely I even started believing the reality distortion field but then I pulled out my phone (Windows Smartphone) to make a call and I just pushed a couple of buttons to locate my contact and dialed. Hold On - where's the keyboard! You have to naviagte from the home page to the phone app or contact to begin to look for what you want.

Take a look at the phone market and you will see that they tried using touch screen phones and now all the smartphones are moving back to having keyboard because IT is faster for phone and SMS.

Apple really should have had no dilemma over the name this is actually an iPodPhone. Now if they just accepted that and built this as a full screen 6g iPod it would of been available now and it would sell like hotcakes but Steve worries about Nokia, LG, et al taking over the music player market and thus felt Apple had to play in this market to protect their music player market share.

But let's just remember it is an iPodPhone not an iPhone




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