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'white noise' sound files to reduce distraction?

Hello. I am looking for sound files of things like rain, water, etc, that can be played on ipod gapless and make a continuous relaxing background noise, to use in combination with my noise-reduction headphones. (Music works, of course, but that's distracting, too.)

I've poked around on the web, but all my google searches have brought me to junky websites that are badly organized and trying to sell me overpriced sound-effect CDs for movies and stuff, which isn't really what I'm looking for. There must be some people out there who just recorded rain and put it on the web, yeah?


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Some great suggestions

I downloaded the Buddha machine tracks and they are great. And I'm going to explore the other suggestions.

If you're trying to work, the relaxing tracks might put you to sleep. Techno, electronica, drum, house, & Goa tracks might be better. It would be interesting to know if this is true for others.

You can download tracks from the following site, but might want to edit out the beginning of the tracks where the guy's intro is--the tracks are at various speeds for pacing exercise and running; the ones I've listened to are really good for work--the fast beat tends to keep me on focus.


The sound or white noise files can be annoying if they're repetitive -- sometimes I listen to them for a while and can detect repeated insect noises that come right before or after a certain thunder sound, etc. Or the volume changes, or the quality of the sound changes, in some pattern. Then my mind starts listening for the repetitions and I get distracted and the attention my mind is paying to the sounds takes my concentration totally off work. So that's one thing you might watch for if you want sound to work to. I haven't noticed that in the iSerenity tracks, but maybe it's there in some I haven't listened to.

And I second Brian Eno--his ambient music is great for this.

Berko, you are so knowledgeable and analytical about music. Are you a musician? I've seen your posts before here but didn't notice the interest in music.

This is a bit off-thread, but related -- I spent some time last year trying to get my mind "programmed" to concentrate on work and not get distracted when I played a certain kind of music, and had other environmental things under control, like colors I like, scented candles or airwick-type things, etc. I didn't get it to really work as well as I wanted, but never got it to work. With the ADD I wanted more control over my mind and to work more steadily instead of getting distracted, and I hoped the music would help to turn a switch. Has anyone else tried this? What seemed to work best?





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