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A few weeks ago i was totally re-organizing my file system on the computer.
What i did. I threw all of my projects, everything, into 1 folder and from there moved them to "Archive" or the "Pending" box.

The problem starts with Archive. I don't where exactly to store my files. Some are more like Art, Music (i am a musician) and so on. But problems come in when i reach files for my job. As i said i am a musician - an Audio Engineer to. So where do i store those file regarding reading material about Audio Engineering which tell about music theory? Hmm?!
Sure, i can tag those files with Quicksilver or Punakea (the best tagging software i found for the mac except it doesnt let you choose which characters to use for delimiting tags) but, you know, that isn't exactly what i am looking for.

So i asked myself, how are you organizing your files, your life etc into folders and subfolders?

Thanks in advance

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At work, I've got an...

At work, I've got an XP laptop, a small Sun workstation, a G4 Mac, and an old SGI workstation on one KVM. And all of my servers at home and work are Linux. Enine's method was designed to be platform-neutral, which is one reason I liked it.

I occasionally do IT work outside my regular work, but it's nothing I've had to maintain files on. But I've got projects that are internal to the university, and others for external clients through the university. I don't enforce much of a dividing line between those, I just consider the university or a department to be another client. Clients get a top-level folder in my Projects or Archive folder. Each of those top-level folders should get a per-project folder. And the structure of the per-project folders depends entirely on the project itself. So, examples:

Stuff that's finished or long-dormant

Archive/Company A/Fuel Vent Vibrations
Archive/Company B/Cavitation Research
Archive/Company B/Person C - Bolt Testing
Archive/TTU/ME 2000
Archive/TTU/ME 6830
Archive/TTU/ME4444 - Student D
Archive/TTU CAE Network/Web Content
Archive/TTU CAE Network/Short Course - Unix
Archive/TTU CAE Network/Quotes, Budgets, Plans

Stuff that's getting worked on now

Projects/Company B/Person E - RP Models 20070904
Projects/TTU/ME4020 - ProE Session 1

Stuff that's reading material, or is kept around to help me work on other projects

Reference/CAD Systems/inventor
Reference/CAD Systems/proe
Reference/FEA Systems/Ansys Tutorial

One thing that may differ between what I'm doing and what I think you're talking about is that all I'm doing above is the electronic equivalent of my general reference file cabinet drawers. If it's something I'm working on, it's in Projects. If it's done, it's in Archive. In, Out, and Pending have no meaning in that context.




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