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Note Taking Tips?

I'm in my first year of university and trying desperately to come up with the best way to take notes on my mac...

I've been looking into notae and yojimbo (I like the tagging features alot, but dislike that I can't put in pictures and such) but have heard good things about journler and devonthink.

The problem with Notae (which I used today) is everything is in SQL databases which is going to make it difficult. Plus most of these apps REQUIRE you to make a new database file rather than a bunch of text files which it will database and collect, etc. I've also heard wiki's are a great way to take notes but have no clue how to do so on my mac.

So please, if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. I'm sure there are many like me who also would love to know any suggestions for great apps for us Univeristy kids.

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Nobody mentioned eaglefiler?

Eaglefiler was one of Leo Laporte's picks for Macbreak. It persuaded me to move on from just using my Mac for web browsing and itunes to start doing everything on it.

It works in the file system you already have, and works with the text files, pdf files etc that you already have. The only proprietary stuff is its metadata file kept in each folder - so if you decide to use some other program - no problem! (it will also copy the metadata into Spotlight comments so you can even keep that). What with tagging, print to Eaglefiler pdf options in every program that can print, and lightning fast response from the programmer it is now the program I live in.

Is Leo still using it? How about a Macbreak picks follow up feature - its all well and good recommending these programs - but which are you still using - the real test of a program's usefullness.




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