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How do you describe Quicksilver?

Acting without doing SOUNDS good, but... (Ask MetaFilter)

I really liked this AskMe question about Quicksilver, since it's one that comes up a lot for folks who don't get as enthused about the app as I (and many of you) do:

Everywhere I go on the internet, Mac users rave about Quicksilver. I've downloaded it a couple times, and I sort of get that it COULD be really useful, but I am not sure how...

So what am I missing with Quicksilver? I see so many other people who get a lot of use out of it, and I am sure I can fit it in somewhere, too, but I just can't seem to figure it out....

Here's a portion of how I responded in comments:

Quicksilver provides access to almost any kind of stuff in your Mac's and your world -- contact information, bookmarks, files, Applications, system settings, and pretty much anything else -- and it lets you leap to any of these things by typing a few letters of the name (NB: Spotlight is more about contents and QS is more about names; they're complementary, not competing). So, that's the neato, Day 0 stuff.

But the big sexy comes with how QS understands the potential verbal relationships between any of those objects, then gives you a single keyboard interface for making amazing things happen...

I'll admit that it always makes me realize what a fanboy I am whenever I try to explain Quicksilver, but, truthfully, it is kind of challenging.

How do you describe Quicksilver to folks who don’t get all the fuss? How do you relate the sexiness?

kellymuldrow's picture

My ubiquitous inbox

Quicksilver is my ubiquitous inbox when I'm at my machine.
I'm constantly being bombarded by things to do, things to remember, things to figure out, things to put on thursday's agenda, etc.

My quicksilver trigger is the first thing I hit when I look up from my laptop at the latest person to hover in front of me. By the time I've figured out what to add to my 'pile' i've appended the task into an appropriate text file and can say, "Got it" (now scram) and when I look back at my screen, quicksilver has vanished, and I'm back doing what I was doing before.

I also really appreciate being able to fly among apps using quicksilver. My fingers never leave the keyboard as I zip hither and yon among apps, perform searches on my machine and the web.

I also really love the ability to Quit Others when I'm just flat tired of having apps open that don't need to be open anymore. I'm never more than a couple of keystrokes away from having everything but the app I'm working in JUST GO AWAY silently, in the background. Quicksilver is my silent application assassin. mmmmmmmm.




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