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How are you Mac folks doing reminders and structuring to-dos?

As of Leopard, I'm a transplant from Entourage to the Mail/Address Book/iCal/.mac combo. Over in Entourage for the past 7 years, I created a slick Zero Inbox system by using delayed reminders, using a cool combo of Applescripts that removed emails out of the Inbox until a time when I needed to deal with them. I haven't figured out a system yet in the Mail world.

I'd love to hear how you Mac GTD'ers are using timers/reminders to postpone to-dos until the time you need to deal with them. I'm intrigued by OmniFocus, but it doesn't seem to be set up to do timers; more, it looks like a way to order ones to-dos in the sequence they need to be done. It might work, to switch from a popup timer world, to just remembering to look at a list. But before I dive in to OmniFocus, I'd love to hear how others are dealing with their to-dos using the Mail/Address Book/iCal/.mac combo.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Todo.txt, iCal, remind & geektool

I use Gina Trapani's todo.txt script(s) plus a few of my own to handle my next action list. With her scripts and mine working in concert I can handle projects with sequential actions and output structured lists of actions grouped by context. With a little help from remind, I have repeating tasks as well.

I use iCal for my appointments and other "hard landscape" items. I use remind for things I need to be aware of in the future (deadlines, due dates of bills (recurring), people's birthdays). I use geektool to display remind output on the desktop so that's why I use it for timed reminders and not as a calendar (which is what I use iCal for). I also use geektool to put my todo list on the desktop.

As far as timed alerts go, I never need more than one at a time, so I just have a cooking timer on my desk and I remember what it's for.




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