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1Password beta: Secure name and password filling for iPhone's Safari

Safari AutoFill for iPhone and iPod Touch (Switchers' Blog)

Babies, iPhones and very-high-security passwords can be a bitter cocktail; it's really hard to enter a 28-character/mixed-case/special character password on the iPhone while you're holding 15 lbs. of undulating infant. Trust me.

So, if you caught video of my recent interview with Agile Web Solutions' Dave Teare, you could see how excited I was to learn about a then-upcoming beta which would support autofill name- and password-entering via secure bookmarklets on your iPhone. Well, the day has arrived, and, brother, am I ever loving this.

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From Dave's post on the company's blog:

Every iPhone and iPod Touch user has cringed when they realized that Mobile Safari does not remember web site logins. Coupled with the fact Copy and Paste is nonexistent on the iPhone, users were forced to type their login information every time they wanted to access any password protected site...

After browsing to a password protected website that requires you to login, simply bring up the Bookmarks menu and select "1Password Logins" to bring up the 1Password AutoFill window...

All the confidential information stored within the bookmarklet is encrypted using Strong Cryptography (448-bit Blowfish encryption) and can only be accessed once the correct Access Code is entered. The confidential information is decrypted within Safari on the iPhone and no communication with the 1Password web servers is required.

Dave tells me via email that the hosting service he'd mentioned in our interview is still being planned, but, personally I'm thrilled that this "just works" out of the box as well as it does from this first cut. I have seen a few problems in 1P seeming not to remember a login associated with a site, but more often than not, it's been just spot-on -- even when entered with my one, daughter-free hand.

Anyhow, check 'er out. 1Password is shareware ($29.95) and a free download. The updated functionality appears to start with version 2.5.10 (build 6102).

One of my favorite Mac apps just made life a lot easier for iPhone users.

Brandon_Leedy's picture


Merlin, are you saying Eleanor isn't password friendly? Haha I can hear it now...

"Honey, Daddy needs to enter in his 28 character password and then he'll change your diaper.(Hands Eleanor an index card with 'CHANGE ME' written on it.)"

On a related note, I wonder what a baby would think of an iPhone... I mean learning development through touch interface might be very enlightening to a child, morseo than big buttons at least. Haha, until they get used to it and start wondering why the TV...and everything else doesn't do anything when they touch it... "Honey, stop touching the TV screen, you're getting fingerprints all over it!"

Finally, is there anything this secure and easy for windows? Right now Opera for me is by default doing the 1password autofill thing and I'm relying on my firewall (not the windows one, a better one) to keep it safe...still makes me nervous, even if they are harder to decipher...




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