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Video: Merlin's Time & Attention Talk

Macworld '08: Merlin Mann / "Living with Data"

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This was the first edition of a talk that's already starting to evolve rather quickly. The slides are available at Slideshare, and you can yoink yourself an embeddable version right here:


Last month, I premiered a new presentation at Macworld San Francisco 2008 called "Living with Data" (previously). Since this talk was part of the "Vision" track, I used the opportunity to start gathering some threads around the idea of time and attention that had been floating around my head for a while (I think you can see the genesis of some of this stuff in my IDEO visit).

The IDG folks were kind enough to post a movie of my slides + the audio. Unfortunately a lot of folks were having trouble getting to the page (it doesn't appear to have a permalink), so here's a Flash version you can watch from right here.

Thanks to Paul Kent and Kathy Moran at IDG for being such wonderful hosts. And very special thanks to Mike Monteiro (and his now-famous meeting tokens) for inspiring the talk in the first place.

jeffwhitfield's picture

Warp speed, Scotty!

Speaking of Star Trek, I think most people would kill to have the ability to deal with data on the same level as the Enterprise. Well, not entirely like the Enterprise...otherwise a lot of us knowledge workers would be out of a job.

Trouble is that most people deal with their digital world as if they're living on the Millenium Falcon. Sometimes they can make the jump to lightspeed...sometimes they can't. It's a crapshoot. Meanwhile, they either got the Empire or the Kingons on their ass and are desperately trying to either avoid going to the Dark Side or get their asses handed to them on a platter.

A lot of people think that their time and attention will be saved somehow through some sort of miracle or cheat. Another gadget won't save you; you'll never be saved by technology. Nor can you use the Force or cheat at it like Kirk did with the Kobayashi Maru test.

Sometimes just learning how to use the technology you have in better ways, learning to be more productive, being more pro-active, and exercising more discipline are the only courses of action. Hmm...come to think of it, that does sound a lot like what it takes to be a Jedi...just without the ability to use the Force. :)




An Oblique Strategy:
Honor thy error as a hidden intention


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