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”What’s 43 Folders?”
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Paul Ford: The two kinds of distraction

Followup/Distraction (Ftrain.com)

Paul Ford, eloquent as usual, on the two kinds of distractions--the wide kind that are the equivalent of a kitty toy for distractible humans, and the narrow kind, which stimulates you to follow a train of thought into tunnels it's nary entered. Paul concludes, in part:

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43F Podcast: 'Cleaning off the bed'

43 Folders: 'Cleaning off the bed' (mp3)

Every good habit requires a fresh start. Can you find the opportunity for a good habit hiding under a huge pile of crap?

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43F Podcast: The 'to have done list'

43 Folders: The 'to have done list' (mp3)

Don't get freaked out by the items on your to-do list; think of your tasks in terms of what they'll mean to you once they're done. (07:36)

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Scarlet Letters: Creative tips for artists

the Scarlet Letters: Notes on Making Art

This is a terrific bunch of notes on hacking your creative process, especially as it applies to visual art.

I really love the idea of not getting hung up on your failures and trying always to make rather than judge as the process is underway. It reminds me favorably of what Anne Lamott says about fearlessly producing your “shitty first draft.”

A few of the points I especially enjoyed:

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Happy Discardia: Let something go

Discardia: What is it?

Today begins the next season of Discardia (this one runs today through October 3rd). ‘Tis the season to get rid of some crap. Dinah says:

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Having a job _and_ a creative life

Ideas for keeping your creative life alive while you pay the bills.

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Incomplete tasks and the Zeigarnik Effect

“The Zeigarnik effect states that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed ones.”

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Ben Franklin: Keeper of his own 'Permanent Record'

Ben Franklin nerded out in so many ways. Check out his cool little book for tracking his adherence to “13 virtues.”

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Developing pronoid delusions

I like this page, filled as it is with encouraging (okay, some are pretty cheesy) tricks for the compulsive sad sack in each of us. The tips generally help clear the psychic garbage and focus on realigning our perceptions to stop looking for soul-crushing conspiracies and start noticing how many good things (blessings, if you like) are happening around us.

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An Oblique Strategy:
Honor thy error as a hidden intention


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