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February, 2009

Why are We Lookin' All Plain?

Don't Panic. 43f is having funky problems with IE, so I've put the site into crazy-simple mode until I can figure out what's going on. Enjoy the white space.

— Merlin

Brands, Stories, and the Grey Suck of Enterprise

Pop Quiz, Hotshot

What well-known publication’s mailing list was I unsubscribing from here? The answer in a few paragraphs.

It's astounding how many brands fall apart at the point where they hire an outside company to manage things like their PR, their conference, or their email list.

Because, at least in my experience, many of the companies who do any of those three things tend to care a lot less about how their client really looks -- how much they really hew to the approach that made that organization interesting or unique in the first place — than they are with creating a turnkey service that's easy to vend, purchase, and maintain. They sell scale.

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43f Podcast: Gangs, Constraints, and Courageous Blocks

iTunes: "Gangs, Constraints, and Courageous Blocks"

Learn how ganging and constraints can help you create the blocks of time you need to devote 100% of your attention to making your best work. (10:32)

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Celtx: Powerful Free App for Script Writing, Pre-Production, and Collaboration

celtx - Integrated Media Pre-Production

QPR - CryingStore - "Cold Tulips" by merlinmann (Celtx - Project Central)

I've recently returned to using the Open Source (MPL-based CePL license) Celtx app for all the script-ish stuff I write. But it does a lot more than just collect and format drafts (which, unlike a text file or MS Word, Celtx does in a way that lets you focus solely on writing, rather than fiddly formatting). It's also an amazingly flexible and robust app for managing all the pre-production materials for screenplays, comics, audio plays, or what have you. And, again: it's totally free.

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