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New model: Moleskine Reporter Notebooks

Moleskine Reporter Notebooks, MoleskineUS

Drool. Spanking new Moleskine reporter notebooks look really nice. Can’t wait to pick one up for myself.

Looks like they’re very similar to the old-school classic Moleskine, but with the flippable top-binding and a vertically-oriented accordion pocket. The immediate improvement I can see would be for writing in cramped places—like the top of your thigh while riding the bus. I wonder if the binding allows it to flip over completely without damaging the spine.

Anxious to hear what other folks think of these. Anyone tried them yet?

Disclosure/Plug: MoleskineUS purchases made via our site help support 43F.

Vish Vishvanath's picture

JoshD - part of the...

JoshD - part of the problem is that notebooks were once cheaper but Moleskine have raised the bar and the marketing for these once simple things. I don't have any information about the amount of money they're making, as it happens, so it was really my opinion, but based on costs of notebooks I've bought all my life, production isn't that expensive.

Bearing in mind my old artists' sketch books and such like made from cartridge paper took a good beating too - although I found the softer books take more abuse than harder books - very Taoist - those older sketch and notebooks seemed to have disappeared or changed their image and name and increased their pricing. That ain't good. Maybe it's because fewer people write these days - maybe people can't remember how to. Maybe they never did.

As of today, £8.99 is $17.22, for my reporters notebook, and nobody whinge to me about exchange rates. Even bookfactory.com produces lab books cheaper. My old books for lab work were much cheaper and took chemical spills as they should. They weren't acid-free for long.

Moleskines are tough, pretty and not the most expensive, but the marketing sticks in my throat. Maybe I should have thought before making wild claims about the money they're making. Americans are the biggest market of all - they invented the whole idea and the whole branding thing. Moleskine are a little like Leica - claiming credit for things they don't deserve in a nifty little way. Any photographer who claims Leica is responsible for his or her pictures just likes kit. And Leica play on that, in a huge way. And Moleskine play on their association with writers to imply that they're responsible for great writing.

I couldn't care less about people's definitions of marketing and branding - products should speak for themselves. Shame they can't, I suppose.

I own two moleskines and some of their little notebooks. Very nice. Very dull after you open them and use them for a week. They're notebooks. Big deal. I get pretty bored with camera discussion rather than picture discussion, too. The fact that I'm sitting here writing this means that the Moleskine replicants have already taken over, though. :)




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