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Mac at Home, Windows at Office, PDA in pocket - GTD everywhere?

Hello. I'm a student and new to GTD. I have a Mac at home which I have been using with an Excel file to manage projects and Next-Actions by using color coding and marcos to quickly label and identify Contexts.

I will soon begin working a full time job and at the office will be using a Windows-based laptop. I also want to get a PDA so I can have my project list and other GTD reference materials with me at time.

Has anyone figured out a good system for using all these tools (Mac at home, Windows at office, any PDA everywhere) with robust syncing, seamless (or close to it) transferability and interoperability between the 3 systems?

If you have, I would greatly appreciate you telling me what software, PDA model, and paper based tools you used to make it all work.

Thanks Mucho

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Ready-Set-Do! for Your Mac

You may want to try the Ready-Set-Do! program I designed for the mac to implement GTD on that platform.


You can send/sync in a couple of ways to take your system with you:

1. Choose "Make Action Lists" to print to paper, upload to web, or email to your work computer.

2. Install the Sync iCal ToDos plug-in and sync everything on your mac (including text of documents) onto your Palm (or other handheld device that syncs with iCal).

3. Choose "Zip My RSD Desktop" and put the newly zipped file of your entire Mac GTD system on a USB drive, iPod, or iDisk and take it with you.

Then when you are working on your PC at work you can:

(i) Look at your paper of actions lists you printed out, or (ii) look at the web-page you uploaded your actions lists to, or (iii) check your work email with your new action list you emailed to yourself from home, or (iv) check your Palm with all of your action lists on it.

Then when new things come in at work you can:

(a) Add a new todo to your Palm, then sync with the Sync iCal ToDos plug-in and it will be added to your Mac to process, or (b) Email stuff to your Mac at home, then save those new emails to your desktop "Inbox" on your Mac you can process there.

If you decide to try this approach out, let me know how it goes. I'm open to whatever feedback or further suggestions you may have.

Todd V




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