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First Look: Evernote for the iPhone

(Oh, man. I’ve got a crazy busy day today, but it just got a lot busier thanks to an intoxicating morning with the iPhone 2.0 update and the iTunes App Store. I’ll try and sneak in a few little posts today on the amazing new apps as time permits)

Evernote (iTunes App Store Link)

  • Free
  • works with Evernote web and desktop apps

I need to do a full post on [Evernote](Evernote](http://www.evernote.com/) here some time soon, because it really is a nifty little application for collecting, storing, and organizing practically any kind of information you can throw at it. The iPhone version is a stripped-down, all-business version of the app that will scratch an itch for Evernote fans who are fatigued by having to email everything to the mothership.

More after the jump, including how to take screengrabs like this on your iPhone 2.0...

The Evernote iPhone app is crazy-simple to use, and rightfully focuses on mobile capture. Photos, voice, and text can be sent directly into your Big Evernote Database -- including the handy inclusion of location data which will show up in Evernote as Lat/Long, all thanks to iPhone's 2.0 location magic (and yes: the location stuff works fine without GPS; I do wonder how that will affect sales of what's starting to look like a costly 3G iPhone I can personally do without).

You can also access your existing stuff in browsable list form, or by searching, And, yes, once the photo you take in Evernote has synced with the EN site, the OCR makes any readable text in the image searchable from the iPhone app. Very nicely done.

Cool New iPhone Feature: Built-in Screen Capture

Nota frickin' bene: How did I get screengrabs on an uncracked 2.0 iPhone? Easy. Click the Home button and the top (Power) button at the same time to capture a PNG of the current screen to the Photo Viewer (grabbable later via iPhoto). Hat tip to Jason Snell for this awesome little bit of magic.

CuriousG's picture

Evernote was looking more and more interesting

Until I finally got my OmniFocus for iphone syncing properly. Now I want to say focused (OmniFocused) on capturing what I need on the hoof

I am after good voice notes on the iphone (I'm sticking with my 2G iphone). One of my few beefs with the iphone is that the speaker phone bites. It is listening to someone who has been smoking their entire life that is on their death bed. "What's that. I can't make out what you're saying." The few free voice apps along with Evernote I can't even hear when I play them back in the car, though I can hear them in a quieter environment (or on my laptop on Evernote when I get home). I've yet to try the voicenotes on OmniFocus. I should go do that now. Maybe I already have my solution.

Merlin if you happen to know if one of those new iphone apps tends to boost the volume a bit, it would be great to hear about that. I hate having to use a separate voice recorder (I have an Olympus that works well, and that is 13 times louder than the iphone speaker) rather than having all delicious GTD goodness in one tasty iphone package.




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